Okayama University


The Okayama University Go Club Placed Third in the All Japan Collegiate Go Championship

December 27, 2013

The “57th All Japan Collegiate Go Championship”, a team competition that determines the number one university for Go in Japan, was held at the Nihon Ki-In in Tokyo from 23-26 December, and the Okayama University Go Club placed third. This marks the fourth consecutive year that the club has placed third, starting from the 54th tournament.

The eight Universities participating in the tournament were the winners of their regional heats, and the competition was conducted in a league format with teams of 5 players each. The Okayama University Go Club took part as the representative of the Chugoku-Shikoku region. The players adopted an approach based in research of professional player’s games, combined with honing their skills through practice matches. In regard to the result of achieving third place for the fourth consecutive year, the head of the Club, Satoshi Nakatsu (Faculty of Engineering, 2nd year), commented “All of our research really paid off. We want to maintain or improve this ranking next year.”