Okayama University


Global Human Resources Development / ESD Promotion Forum Held

January 29, 2014

Okayama University and Okayama City held at the 50th Anniversary Hall on January 28 a Global Human Resources Development / ESD Promotion Forum as a means for experts in economic, academic and other circles as well as people involved with the university to debate the significance and roles of ESD in the realization of global human resources and a sustainable society.

Mr. Isao Kiso, former Permanent Delegate of Japan to UNESCO and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan, gave a keynote lecture titled "Developing global human resources and forming a sustainable society." The discussion touched on the world situation and education, and stated that the development of global human resources was the mission of universities and also a global issue. Next, Fujii Masatoshi and two others (first year Faculty of Letters) of the Special Course for Global Human Resource Development started from this year at our university explained their activities in the course and their individual goals. A panel discussion on the theme of the significance and roles of ESD in global human resources development was held to report on the various actions being undertaken. Present were Shigehiko Fujiki, vice chairman of the Okayama UNESCO Association, and Yoshihiro Natori, executive director of the Nagao Natural Environment Foundation, who have been involved in the formation of ESD regional sites and the development of environmental human resources, as well as faculty of this university.

The event was attended by 150 students, faculty, and people involved in ESD in our university, listening with great interest to the discussion while asking many questions regarding ESD and global human resources development in Okayama.

Education for Sustainable Development is a vehicle of learning for the creation of sustainable societies.
The Decade of Education for Sustainable Development was begun worldwide in 2005, with 2014 being its last year, and Okayama City is also holding a UNESCO world conference on ESD about future policies.