Okayama University


Okayama University won the "Business Matching Award" at "nano tech 2014."

February 10, 2014

Okayama University gave presentations at the world's biggest exhibition on nanotechnology, "nano tech 2014, The 13th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference" held at Tokyo Big Sight between January 29 and 31 and won a category award of the nano tech 2014 Grand Award, the "Business Matching Award," presented to the organization making the largest number of appointments with various exhibitors and visitors.

Our university gave poster and oral exhibitions about four technologies including "preparation and functionalization of graphene oxide" presented by associate prof. Yuta Nishina in Research Core for Interdisciplinary Sciences and "long and high density aligned carbon nanotubes for dry processing " by prof. Yasuhiko Hayashi in the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology. The technology implied in the former presentation promises to be applicable to a wide variety of fields such as telecommunication, electronics, environment and energy, and that of the latter is expected to break away from the use of conventional powder and liquid states toward bulk scale use such as high-strength and high-conductivity electric wires and sheets.

Our members actively interacted with many visitors and exhibitors from other organization by utilizing the "Business Matching System" which builds between the seeds and needs through the Internet, and made the largest number of business appointments with them. As a result, the nano tech executive committee gave the "Business Matching Award" to Okayama University for their intensive commitment to Open Innovation.

Organization for Research Promotion & Collaboration will actively support participation in exhibitions to promote popularization of research achievements, technological transfers and so on.