Okayama University


Campus Plaza opening ceremony held

March 26, 2014

The construction of the new Campus Plaza, completed in February of 2014, is part of a campus improvement project centered around the University Union aimed at creating a 'beautiful university town'. In commemoration of its completion, the Campus Plaza opening ceremony was held on Tuesday, March 25th.

The Campus Plaza, a welcoming open space paved with pink bricks, is located on the north side of the University Union. The impressive pergola (originally meaning a grapevine trellis), designed by the world-class architectural firm SANAA, has a roof that provides shade and creates a place of relaxation. When the surrounding trees grow to their full height, their shade will complement the pergola to create a cozy forest-like space.

About 250 people, including Ms. Taeko Nakatsubo from the SANAA office, university president Kiyoshi Morita, faculty members, staff and students, attended the ceremony. In his speech, President Morita said, "The wide open space of this Campus Plaza is the first step toward creating a beautiful campus as I describe in my Morita Vision. It unifies the vast area of the campus which is divided into east-west and north-south." In her speech, Ms. Nakatsubo adds, "The plaza is designed as a space where people can relax freely. Please use this space for eating, reading, holding events and forums for socializing and networking." After the speeches, there was a true/false quiz for the audience to test their knowledge about the university, such as the size of the campus, followed by a commemorative group photo. The audience truly enjoyed this event and the completion of the Campus Plaza.