Okayama University


Conclusion of Cooperation Agreement with Pierre et Marie Curie University, France

October 07, 2010

Pierre et Marie Curie University, called Université de Paris Ⅵ, is organized as department which is in charge of science matter in Université de Paris.
Okayama University and Pierre et Marie Curie University has deepened international exchange activities in the field of material science, especially biomechanical materials, for 20 years. Professor Florence Babornnrau & Professor Christian Bonhomme at Pierre et Marie Curie University and Professor Akiyoshi Osaka & Associate Professor Satoshi Hayakawa at our Engineering Department, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology have conducted various international activities such as collaborative research, lecture meeting, seminar. Thanks to such long-continued active cooperation and our mutual understanding of importance of strengthening our cooperation, we finally concluded University-level Cooperation Agreement.
Professor Osaka visited Pierre et Marie Curie University on behalf of our university and handed on the Agreement to Professor Babornnrau on September 16. They discussed various topics including future plan of their collaborative research and schedule for sending students and faculty members.
For next step, she is going to visit Okayama University on November 12.

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