Okayama University


Electron structural changes triggered by potassium doping of picene were directly observed.

February 08, 2011

In a world first Hiroyuki Okazaki (Doctoral course D3), an adjunct researcher, Professor Takayoshi Yokoya and others of Okayama University Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology successfully observed the electron structures of picene and potassium doped picene. Potassium doped picene is the first superconductor of aromatic hydrocarbon; however, the superconductive mechanism of potassium doped picene or the electron structure that could induce superconductivity had not been clarified. The Okayama University research group used photoelectron spectroscopy to observe directly the electronic structural changes of picene that were triggered by potassium doping. This outcome is expected to help to clarify superconductivity mechanism of aromatic hydrocarbon superconductor and to provide a direction for the exploration of new superconductors.

Electronic structure of pristine and K-doped solid picene: Non-rigid-band change and its implication for electron-intramolecular-vibration interaction(paper)

Contact: Professor Takayoshi Yokoya