Okayama University


The Serbian Ambassador’s Visit to Okayama University

February 10, 2011

 Serbian Ambassador Ivan Mrkić and Ms. Aleksandra Kovač, Secretary of Culture and Press/Consular Affairs, of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Japan visited Okayama University and had a talk with Dr. Kyozo Chiba, the President of Okayama University, on December 10, 2010. .
 Okayama University has been promoting student exchanges with Serbia through an inter-university agreement with the University of Novi Sad, and an inter-faculty agreement between the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade and the Faculty of Letters of Okayama University. The Faculty of Letters is one of the few in Japan which offers Serbian language classes. Substantially more students are taking the Serbian language classes this year compared with the previous academic year indicating the growing interest in Serbia among students. Ambassador Mrkić visited one of the Serbian language classes and encouraged students to study hard and to contribute to stronger ties between Serbia and Japan.
 At his meeting with Okayama University President Chiba, Ambassador Mrkić expressed his expectations for continued exchanges and cooperation between universities in Serbia and Okayama University. President Chiba suggested enhancing student/researcher exchanges by upgrading the existing inter-faculty agreement to an inter-university agreement.

Photo: with Ambassador Ivan Mrkić (fourth from right) and Ms. Aleksandra Kovač (third from left)
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