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“Vietnam Café” at Tsushima campus, Okayama University

February 17, 2011

 A “Vietnam Café” was held at the Tsushima campus in the General Education Building B on December 15, 2010 to promote interactions among Vietnamese students, Japanese students and university staff. The Vietnam Café was organized to raise the interest in Vietnam of the Okayama University community.

 Okayama University has been active in promoting exchanges with Vietnam through initiatives such as the establishment of Okayama University Office in Hue, Vietnam, and the dispatch of faculty members to Da Lat University.

 Activities at the Vietnam Café began with a presentation on Vietnam and Vietnamese culture by Ms. Tran Thi Loan Anh, a Vietnamese on the staff of the Okayama University Office in Hue, Vietnam. Next was a presentation on Vietnam by Keiko Katayama, a Japanese faculty member of Okayama University, who has a long experience of Vietnam. Last, attendees participated in “Let’s Try Vietnamese! An Introduction ”. The teachers were Vietnamese Okayama University students and learned typical Vietnamese greetings.

 Okayama University will continue to strengthen its ties to Vietnam. A field training trip toHue and Hano i, Vietnam, will take place in March, 2011 and there will be further Vietnam Cafés.

Photo: A group photo of the Vietnam Café participants
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