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Concluding an agreement with Hasanuddin University to work towards “Asian Drug Discovery Alliance”

February 15, 2011

 Okayama University and Hasanuddin University, Indonesia, built upon their inter-university agreement to form a new alliance, “Asian Drug Discovery Alliance”(ADDA) November 12, 2010. This alliance will facilitate human resource development, seed exploration and drug discovery in Asia.

 The alliance is part of the effort by Okayama University to expand its research and expertise in treating intractable infectious diseases. Okayama University initiated the “Program to Promote Research and Education on Drug Discovery Targeting Intractable Infectious Diseases” in the 2010 academic year. In July, 2010, the “Okayama University International Joint Drug Discovery Center” was founded. The Okayama University International Joint Drug Discovery Center will work with universities and research laboratories in China, South Korea, India and Ghana, conducting joint research for synthesis of drugs for intractable infectious diseases such as hepatitis and tropical infectious diseases including Malaria that afflict Asia and Africa. Hasanuddin University, the first partner in the new alliance, possesses expertise in marine resources.

 During the ceremony President Kyozo Chiba and Dr.Idrus A. Paturusi, Rector of Hasanuddin University signed the agreement and expressed their hope for the good results that this alliance could bring about.

 Okayama University intends to conclude similar agreements with universities and research laboratories in China, South Korea and Ghana.

Photograph: President Chiba and Rector Paturusi (left) shaking hands

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