Okayama University


The Delegation of the European Union to Japan visited Okayama University

August 24, 2017

The members from EU Delegation to Japan visited Okayama University and co-hosted the EU event on June 27. The visiting members included Dr. Leo Karapiperis Minister-Counsellor, Head of Science and Technology Section, Tom Kuczynski S&T Section, Richard Kelner Press, Public and Cultural Affairs Section, Matthieu Py Euraxess Japan,Naomichi Yamada National Contact Point Horizon 2020 in Japan.

Dr. Karapiperis exchanged views with President Hirofumi Makino in regards to the interest for Okayama University into the European support for Research and Education. During the meeting, Dr. Karapiperis explained “The EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation” (also known as Horizon 2020), which combines the strengths of researchers and facilities from a total of 39 countries in the EU and beyond, with the aim of promoting cooperative international research. The program also supports dispatching and receiving young researchers from around the world, with the goal of generating international research exchange. President Makino talked about the efforts of Okayama University to reach an International profile within a few years relying on strong assets in research and education.
On the same day Okayama URA office held a full day EU event to strengthen the relationships between European Research and Education and Japanese Universities in collaboration with Delegation of the European Union to Japan, National Contact Point for Horizon 2020 in Japan and EURAXESS Links Japan.

Delegates from Tokyo to explain their missions and favor the strengthening of the relationships between European Research and Education and Japanese Universities. In the meeting, recent projects and proposals of Okayama University in the field of H2020 and ERASMUS were presented. At the end of the meeting 6 master students currently performing research internship or Japanese ERASMUS student gave a short testimony of their experience at Okayama University or Europe. It was clear that they all were very successful.

At the end of the event, an Individual Consultation session was organized. Not less than 16 applicants were welcomed and all of them received specific information from the EU delegation members.

The visit and the associated event were attended by a large audience. More than 80 attendees followed the presentations all over the meeting.