Okayama University


2017 Joint evacuation drill held for international student housing and dormitory (women’s dormitory) residents

November 29, 2017

On November 22, a joint evacuation drill was held for residents of the Kuwanoki Dormitory for International Students, International Student Shared House, and Women’s Dormitory.
There were 153 international and Japanese students, along with 20 others who participated in the drill. Once the fire alarms went off to simulate a fire occurring, student leaders quickly led everyone to designated evacuation spots. A firefighter from the fire department stated, “This was a drill so the evacuation went smoothly, but when there is an actual fire, panic might occur so please remember to stay calm.”
Following the feedback, there was an explanation about the fire escape equipment (“Oriro”) which are installed from the 3rd floors and higher were given, in addition to safety around electrical safety. It provided an opportunity to reflect on the importance of fire prevention.
This drill was held as part of risk management for international student housing and the women’s dormitory. It will be held annually to prepare both international and Japanese students for safe evacuation in the event of a fire.