Okayama University


The Director of Taiwan’s Taichung Veterans General Hospital and his group visits Okayama University

November 29, 2017

On November 15, Prof. Sheu and his group from Taiwan’s Taichung Veterans General Hospital visited Okayama University and held an information exchange meeting at the Okayama University Hospital.
The group was welcomed by Director of Okayama University Hospital Susumu Kanazawa, then taken on a tour of the IVR Center, operation room, and Biobank.
During the information exchange meeting, at the request of the Taichung Veterans General Hospital, presentations were given on advanced medical care at the Okayama University Hospital in areas such as medical transplants, surgery for heart diseases, and genomic medicine. Other topics were medical risk management and Biobank management. The presentations were given by medical doctors and faculty who are involved in said topics and there was active exchange of information.
Okayama University Hospital and Taichung Veterans General Hospital signed a Faculty-Level Agreement in October 2015 and will continue to engage in personnel exchange centered on the use of the Advanced Clinical Training of Foreign Medical Practitioners system. In the future, clinical training and clinical studies/trials that are linked to graduate programs will be considered and further bidirectional exchange is expected.