Okayama University


Ms. Unehira of the Competitive Karuta Club wins in the New Player Section of the 25th All Japan University Karuta Tournament!

September 25, 2018

On August 12, the 25th All Japan University Karuta Tournament was held at such sacred venues as Omi Kangakukan and Shiga Prefectural Budokan, and Ms. Sae Unehira (first-year student of the Dental School) from our university’s Competitive Karuta Club won in the New Player Section for individual competitions.

The Tournament was held with a total of 413 participating players divided into eight groups, all competing for the top position in their group. Ms. Unehira, who began competitive karuta in her high school days, and had improved herself through repeated training even after entering our university and joining the Competitive Karuta Club, successfully achieved the excellent result of winning the tournament.

Upon gaining her result in this tournament, Ms. Unehira expressed her appreciation for her supporters, saying “I was able to do my best to the end, encouraged by the support from my family and friends as well as my senior players. Thank you very much.”

In competitive karuta, players can be promoted by achieving certain results in competitions certified by the All-Japan Karuta Association, which are held throughout Japan. Ms. Unehira powerfully expressed her ambition for her future goal, saying “I would like to aim for my own promotion and winning a higher place in the team competition.”