Okayama University


FY 2018 Autumn Graduation Ceremony held

September 27, 2018

On September 27, Okayama University held the FY 2018 Autumn Graduation Ceremony at its 50th Anniversary Hall, where a total of 110 faculty and graduate school students started out from the campus that they had grown a deep attachment to.
In the ceremony, President Hirofumi Makino granted graduation certificates to four representatives of faculties and graduate schools. President Makino delivered a speech in English, in which he presented his message to the graduates, saying “You are graduating from Okayama University today, but your pursuit of knowledge will never end. Your ties to the University will continue throughout your lives. There may come a time when you want to take on new challenges. Okayama University will always welcome you back if you wish to return to study more.” On behalf of the graduates, Ms. Sonia Zeggar of the Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, gave an address in reply, saying “This day is not an end goal in itself, it is the starting point of a new journey for all of us.”
After the ceremony, the graduates, dressed in suits or ceremonial attire, marked their farewells by taking commemorative photos with their friends and junior students, as well as by visiting their professors’ offices.

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