Okayama University


Okayama University Opens Japan Educational Information Center (OJEIC) Mandalay Branch in Myanmar

August 31, 2018

Okayama University opened the Okayama University Japan Educational Information Center (OJEIC), Mandalay Branch (Myanmar) and held its opening ceremony on August 19.

In 2015, the university established OJEIC in Yangon under the Study in Japan Global Network Project (Southeast Asia) (the former Study in Japan Coordinator Project (Myanmar)) which was entrusted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Since then, OJEIC has strived to encourage Myanmar students to study in Japan through activities such as consultation services provided by Study in Japan coordinators and the Mini-Study in Japan Fair. Recently, the university opened an OJEIC office in Mandalay, the second largest city in Myanmar, to further expand our activities in Myanmar, where students’ interest in studying in Japan has been increasing year by year.

The opening ceremony was attended by over 50 attendees including the Second Secretary Akihito Horiguchi of the Embassy of Japan in Myanmar, President Khin Maung Lwin, University of Medicine, Mandalay, President Mya Mya Aye, University of Medical Technology, Mandalay, and others related to Six National Universities Network (SUN). After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, speeches were delivered by former students who had studied in Japan, and a Study in Japan coordinator, Asami Torigoe of OJEIC.

In Mandalay, which is about one hour by air from Yangon, the university entrance rate is almost the same as it is in Yangon. In Myanmar, where reliable internet connections are still difficult to obtain, it is difficult to gather information including on studying abroad. After the establishment of the Mandalay Branch, the university will continue to address services such as consultations on study in Japan to help even greater number of Myanmar students feel that studying in Japan is more accessible and closer to them.