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Okayama University’s teaching staff help students of SETO Senior High School learn about SDGs

October 15, 2018

Teaching staff from Okayama University helped students of Okayama Prefectural SETO Senior High School learn about SDGs at an educational event on October 2. They were Miyuki Yoshikawa, who is an active learning planner of the Academic and General Okayama University Regional Research Association (AGORA), and Vice Executive Director and Senior Assistant Professor of the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health Systems Ken Aoo.

The event, which was held under the title “Autumn SETO Talk,” started with an opening address made by Principal Norihiko Otobe of SETO Senior High School, followed by a discussion session, in which students exchanged opinions with representatives from local corporations, local government officials and school education officials. Subsequently, first-year students discussed local issues with community residents in an informal setting and collected information to identify their research themes. Second-year students informed the first-year students about the activities they had undertaken in the last school year and presented an interim report on this year’s activities.

A plenary session, which was attended by all participants, included presentations by second-year student representatives. As a commentator, Miyuki Yoshikawa asked questions and made comments about the students’ proposed plans in terms of SDGs.

At the closing session, Mr. Naohito Kimura, director of the Department of Research and Development, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology, and Vice Executive Director Aoo made general comments. Vice Executive Director Aoo said: “I can see that students are beginning to become aware of various issues through such great school-wide efforts. The school serves as a hub of the local community, including local governments and corporations. Okayama University will continue to collaborate with the school.”