Okayama University


Representatives of Okayama University International Alumni Association branches visit Okayama University

October 24, 2018

Representatives of the Okayama University International Alumni Association (OUIAA) branches visited Okayama University and pay a courtesy call to President Hirofumi Makino on October 19.

Those who also attended the meeting with President Makino included Mr. Keiichi Konaga, Chairman of the Alumni Okayama University, Executive Vice President for Education, International Affairs, Hiroshi Sano, and Prof. Zhang Hong, Chairperson of the OUIAA. President Makino said, “I would like you to take this opportunity to deepen your partnerships with other branches of the OUIAA and publicize Okayama University to young people outside Japan.”

To coincide with this visit, a ceremony was held to award a letter of appointment to a Special Ambassador, Center for Global Partnerships and Education, Okayama University. Ms. Ivana Tomanovic from the Netherlands Branch was awarded the letter by President Makino. The term of service for this position is three years. The Special Ambassador is expected to publicize Okayama University outside Japan during the term.

The branch representatives visited Japan for Okayama University Homecoming Day on October 20. They participated in the All Campus Alumni General Meeting, the OUIAA General Meeting and other events.