Okayama University


Six national universities promote Study in Japan in Laos and Cambodia

October 29, 2018

Okayama University and the other five members of the Consortium of Six National Universities in Japan (SixERS) participated in the Study-in-Japan Fair 2018, which was hosted by local Japan Centers of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Laos on October 17 and in Cambodia on October 20.
As part of the Study in Japan Global Network Project, which Okayama University was commissioned to run by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the University and the other five universities of SixERS participated in this fair to promote Japan as a study abroad destination. Participating students listened intently to the teaching staff from the six universities talking about the attractiveness of research and education at their own universities and other Japanese universities as well as other benefits of studying at Japanese universities. They also asked the Japanese teaching staff questions in private consultation booths.
More and more students in Laos and Cambodia are expected to study in Japan in the future. Okayama University, with the cooperation of SixERS, aims to promote this project to help increase the number of students in Laos and Cambodia studying in Japan and enhance the presence of the six national universities in both countries. The University also aims to attract many more excellent Laotian and Cambodian students to study at Okayama University.

< Seminar participants (academic fields) >
Chiba University  Prof. Yuichi Oda (International Education): Laos and Cambodia
Niigata University  Assoc. Prof. Zhang Yun (International Relations): Laos and Cambodia
Kanazawa University Prof. Masami Furuuchi (Atmospheric Environment and Pollution Control Engineering): Laos and Cambodia
Nagasaki University Prof. Akihide Tada (Hydraulic Engineering): Laos and Cambodia
Kumamoto University Prof. Seiji Okada (Hematology): Laos
Okayama University Prof. Fumikazu Ubukata (Environmental Economics & Policy, Development Studies and Southeast Asian Studies): Laos
Okayama University Prof. Takeshi Fujiwara (Solid Waste Engineering): Cambodia
Okayama University Prof. Daiji Fujii (Business Administration): Laos and Cambodia

Note: Okayama University launched the Study in Japan Coordinator Project (for Myanmar) in September 2014. This project was relaunched as the Study in Japan Global Network Project in April 2018 to cover not only Myanmar but also the other ASEAN nations. Okayama University, especially the Okayama University Japan Educational Information Center (OJEIC) in Myanmar, promotes Japan as a study abroad destination to students in ASEAN nations.