Okayama University


Okayama University’s Study in Japan Global Network Project team participates in activities targeting ASEAN University Network (AUN)

October 31, 2018

In collaboration with Okayama University’s Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science, which strives to promote educational and research programs through interdisciplinary cooperation with overseas partner institutions to jointly provide international students with an opportunity to earn a doctoral degree (to promote a Japanese graduate-level higher education system abroad), Okayama University’s Study in Japan Global Network Project (for ASEAN nations) team held a Study in Japan Global Network Project Meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on October 17.
Accompanied by the Executive Vice President for Education, International Affairs, Hiroshi Sano, the project team discussed with Myanmarese and Vietnamese university officials, and Study in Japan Coordinators Asami Torigoe (Yangon) and Yu Tsunami (Ho Chi Minh) introduced the project to participating university officials including those from the University of Yangon, Yangon University of Economics and the University of Mandalay in Myanmar. University officials from Nagasaki University, a member of the Consortium of Six National Universities in Japan (SixERS) also participated in the meeting. Myanmarese and Vietnamese participants introduced their universities to Japanese participants and explained the current status of their students studying in Japan. The project team also exchanged opinions with a representative from the Royal University of Phnom Penh in Cambodia.
On October 18 and 19, Okayama University and three members of the SixERS—Kanazawa University, Nagasaki University and Niigata University—participated in the 8th ASEAN+3 Heads of International Relations Meeting, which was hosted by the ASEAN University Network (AUN). The Vice Director of the Center for Global Partnerships and Education, Masao Tsuri, introduced Okayama University, the SixERS and the Study in Japan Global Network Project to AUN member university officials. The Academic Seminar and other events, which have been held by Okayama University as part of the Study in Japan Global Network Project in collaboration with the other members of the SixERS, attracted much attention from the ASEAN participants. Okayama University’s participation in this meeting paved the way to further promoting this project in the ASEAN region.
Kanazawa University, a member of the SixERS, will host an AUN+3 Rectors’ Conference in 2020. Okayama University strives to enhance the presence of the six Japanese national universities in the ASEAN Region in collaboration with the other members of the SixERS and aims to attract many excellent students to the University.