Okayama University


Homecoming Day 2018 held

November 21, 2018

Okayama University held its Homecoming Day 2018 on October 20. Alumni and community residents were invited by the University’s faculty members and current students including international students to foster friendly relations with the University. Blessed with fine weather, this year’s homecoming day attracted about 2,000 visitors, who interacted with one another.

As usual, the homecoming day began with a dynamic performance by the cheering squad. At the 50th Anniversary Hall, the following events took place: a welcome ceremony, Okayama University Alumni General Assembly meeting, Kanemitsu Distinguished Service Award ceremony, a lecture by the award recipient, and photo contest awards ceremony.

Other events included a dance performance by the Uraja team “Lakki,” a music festival held with the participation of student music clubs and groups, and a tea ceremony event hosted by the tea ceremony club.

The area around the 50th Anniversary Hall was bustling with a craft booth run by the National Kibi Youth Outdoor Learning Center, various kinds of booths by alumni and current students including international students and Okayama University Stripe Marché, which opened for the first time this year in cooperation with apparel maker Stripe International Inc. In addition, a haiku event took place at J Terrace Café, and lectures and symposiums were held by departments. Visitors walked around the campus and enjoyed various events.