Okayama University


Professor Hiroaki Suga of the University of Tokyo delivered a lecture

November 28, 2018

Okayama University invited Professor Hiroaki Suga of the School of Science at the University of Tokyo, who also serves as an executive adviser for Okayama University, to lecture for a President’s Seminar Series on November 14.
Prof. Suga delivered a lecture titled “Can university teaching staff make innovation happen?: A case study of the establishment of PeptiDream Inc.” His lecture attracted about 150 people—in addition to University department heads and faculty members, graduate students also attended the lecture because Prof. Suga is a graduate of Okayama University’s Faculty of Engineering. Based on his own experience, he shared his philosophy of research—“Once a nonconformist and unconventional idea is accepted, it will be taken as a pioneering idea.” He also talked about the details of his research and how he started his business. His lecture was followed by a lively Q&A session, where Prof. Suga answered participants’ questions about his research and attitude toward starting a business.
President’s Seminar Series is held to help raise awareness among Okayama University community members about various issues surrounding universities and to take action to deal with such issues by gaining insights from invited experts from all walks of life. The University’s president will continue hosting this series, thereby enabling many faculty staff members to deepen the knowledge they need to perform their duties through lectures given by invited experts from various circles.