Okayama University


Okayama University Becomes the Overall Champion at the “69th Chugoku Region Five Universities Athletic Meeting”

February 25, 2019

Okayama University won the crown of the overall victory at the “69th Chugoku Region Five Universities Athletic Meeting.” Winning first prize overall at the Summer Games of the meeting and second overall at the Winter Games, the University obtained the highest grand total score in the meeting.

The athletic meeting is an annual comprehensive sports event composed of 20 sports, which is participated in by five state-run universities in the Chugoku region. The objective of the event is facilitate the spread and sound development of student sports in the region and promote friendship between those universities.

The Summer and Winter Games were held in various venues in the five prefectures of the region from June 16 through September 29, and from October 27 through November 25, respectively, where players from the five university teams competed for top place in individual sports. In the meeting, points were given to respective teams for their players’ rankings in sports, except for some exhibition events, for example, five points for first place and four points for second place. The Okayama University team won first prize overall at the Summer Games, obtaining 65 points in total in 12 sports, and second prize overall at the Winter Games, obtaining 39 points in total in 8 sports. As a result, the team earned a total of 104 points in the two games, winning the overall victory at the meeting, tied with the Hiroshima University team.

Our team won second prize overall in the 68th meeting and first prize overall tied with another university in this year’s meeting. Players of our team are expected to give greater performances so that the team will be able to be the sole overall champion at the next meeting.