Okayama University


2019 academic year Okayama University undergraduate and graduate school matriculation ceremony was held

April 02, 2019

On April 2, 2019, the Okayama University Matriculation Ceremony was held at Zip Arena Okayama, with a total of 3,363 new undergraduate and graduate students taking their first step in their campus lives.

In his congratulatory address, President MAKINO Hirofumi said: “I would like you to believe in yourself and always have curiosity. Please spend a fulfilling university life toward your great dreams and hopes in the future.” Representing the new entrants, Dental School student AOYAMA Takumi pledged, “We will work hard with our friends to become pioneers for a new coming era.”

The ceremony also featured the performance of a celebratory song by the Okayama University Symphony Orchestra and a round of cheers performed by the university’s cheerleading club.