Okayama University


Representatives of Okayama University International Alumni Association Branches Visit the University to Report on Their Activities

November 05, 2019

To coincide with the Okayama University Homecoming Day 2019 (October 26), representatives of branches of the Okayama University International Alumni Association (OUIAA) visited the university and paid a courtesy call on President MAKINO Hirofumi, at the invitation of the Institute of Global Human Resource Development.

Invitees were 16 representatives from 13 branches of the OUIAA. They shared their memories of having studied at Okayama University, and introduced their respective branches’ activities. The courtesy visit was also attended by Prof. SANO Hiroshi, Executive Director for Education/Provost, Dr. KIMURA Kunio, Vice President for International Affairs, and other representatives of Okayama University. “I would like to express my appreciation for your daily efforts,” President Makino said to the branch representatives. “I hope that you will continue to publicize Okayama University among young people abroad.”

Afterwards, 11 representatives from the branches of OUIAA, three OUIAA executives-to-be, and a number of Okayama University representatives participated in the debriefing session on the branch activities, held at the International House for International Students and Researchers. The session began with opening addresses by Executive Director Sano and Dr. Myo Khin of the Myanmar branch of the OUIAA. Afterwards, representatives from the branches reported on their activities and introduced the education system in their respective countries. The session was attended not only by members of the OUIAA, but also by faculty and staff of Okayama University, and there was a broad exchange of information and opinions.

As of October 2019, the Okayama University International Alumni Association has 55 branches (including seven Communication Bases) in 28 countries, each striving to promote student exchange programs and international interaction for the university’s faculty and staff, thereby forging closer ties between their alma mater and alumni. It is expected that the OUIAA will further invigorate its activities through interactions among alumni, faculty, staff, and students.