Okayama University


Vice Minister Kikeo Chanthaboury of Ministry of Planning and Investment, Lao People's Democratic Republic Visits Okayama University

November 06, 2019

On October 30, His Excellency Dr. Keikeo Chanthaburi, Vice Minister, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, and His Excellency Mr. Viroth SUNDARA from the Embassy of Laos in Japan visited Okayama University and paid a courtesy call on President MAKINO Hirofumi.

The visitors were welcomed not only by President MAKINO, but also by Dr. KIMURA Kunio, Vice President for International Affairs, Mr. YOKOI Atsufumi, Vice President for Global Engagement Strategy, Prof. TANAKA Tomoko of the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and other representatives of Okayama University. “The Study in Japan Global Network Project, which is commissioned to Okayama University, has set its sights on ASEAN,” noted President Makino. “We would like to further encourage students in Laos to study in Japan.”

Stated Vice Minister Kikeo and Ambassador Viroth: “It is beneficial for students in Laos to study at Okayama University, which engages in the SDGs. We hope that the university will further cooperate in ensuring that many more students in Laos can study at the university.”

In addition, President Makino granted the title of Project Professor of the Institute of Global Human Resource Development to Dr. SUZUKI Motoyoshi, Special Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Planning and Investment and President of the Lao School of Business and Commerce (LSBC), in recognition of his great cooperation for the building of ties between Laos and Okayama University. The title is granted to those who play an important role in the development of Okayama University through cooperation in a wide variety of overseas activities.