Okayama University


Share SDGs-related information in the middle of Okayama! The Okayama SDGs Plaza launched

November 18, 2019

 On November 12, the Okayama SDGs Plaza was opened in the Okayama Convention Center near Okayama Station as a platform for sharing information about SDGs-related initiatives undertaken in Okayama.

 The Okayama SDGs Plaza project was planned by the Okayama Convention Center as an independent project. Then the operational body was created involving Okayama University as well as other organizations working on the SDGs in the region, such as Okayama City and the Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With support from local companies and groups working on the SDGs, the Plaza will host exhibitions and organize events related to the SDGs. Okayama University is presenting its specific efforts on the SDGs using five panels.

 Representing Okayama University, President MAKINO Hirofumi and Executive Vice President TAKAHASHI Kayo for Planning and General Affairs attended the opening ceremony held on the same day. Mayor OMORI Masao of Okayama City and President Makino delivered addresses on behalf of the five organizer groups. President Makino said, “I would like to utilize the university’s wisdom and promote the SDGs in partnership with you,” and introduced the university’s efforts presented as a panel exhibition. Finally, in commemoration of the opening of the Okayama SDGs Plaza, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted by five representatives of the organizer groups.

 Utilizing the Okayama SDGs Plaza located in the city center, Okayama University will widely share and exchange information about the SDGs.