Okayama University


Okayama University and Knowledge Mobility Based System Institute develop multilingual translations teaching children how to prevent the spread of COVID-19

October 16, 2020

The members of Okayama University’s SDGs Initiatives Planning Committee and Knowledge Mobility based System Institute (KMS), have collaborated to create teaching materials that promote understanding of the novel coronavirus and provide much-needed information on how to prevent the spread of the virus. In accessible, easy to understand brochures that can be used as teaching materials in and outside of schools, the information is aimed at all ages, including elementary, junior, and high school children, university students, and adults. Two brochures; namely, “Novel Coronavirus Countermeasures: Let’s Think About a ‘New Lifestyle’ Together “(B5, 4 pages) and “Q & A for Everyone Who Wants to Know More About the Novel Coronavirus (children’s edition)” (A4, 6 pages) have been translated into English, Chinese, and Korean and uploaded to KMS’s website.

The brochures mentioned above were originally published in Japanese on the KMS website on June 13 and April 2, respectively. They have already been utilized by over 100 educational institutions. Not long after the brochures were published, educational institutions trying to combat the virus expressed an urgent need for information on the coronavirus for children and guardians whose native language is not Japanese. In response, the members collaborated to create multilingual translations of the educational materials. Currently, members are working on Vietnamese and Brazilian Portuguese translations that are scheduled to be published in November.

Download the material from KMS website.
These materials can be printed and forwarded freely by anyone, but please refrain from editing the contents.