Okayama University


Human resource development for post-corona regional revitalization - Online seminar held in collaboration with the Graduate School of Project Design

October 21, 2020

On October 7, Okayama University held an online seminar in collaboration with the Graduate School of Project Design (Advanced Academic Agency) about human resource development for post-corona regional revitalization.

President TANAKA Risa from the Graduate School of Project Design, Chairman MATSUDA Hisashi from the Okayama Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and Dean of the Graduate School of Information and Communication Professor KAWAYAMA Ryuji participated in the online seminar. From Okayama University, President MAKINO Hirofumi, Vice President and Executive Director for Research NASU Yasutomo, Vice President for Global Engagement Strategy YOKOI Atsufumi, and Professor at the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology NOGAMI Yasuyuki also attended.
The seminar was held in two parts, a lecture and a panel discussion, and explored the past efforts and future prospects of human resource development in connection with region revitalization from multiple points of view.

 Vice President Yokoi served as the moderator, and in his opening remarks President Makino said, "Tragic events such as the heavy rains in western Japan two years ago and the current global crisis caused by the novel coronavirus threaten our ‘normal’ daily life. At this present time, when we feel the burden of worldwide issues as personal challenges, we need to transform our behavior and embrace a ‘new normal’. Against this backdrop, I hope that we will be able to engage in a wide range of discussions regarding human resource development in relation to regional revitalization in a post-corona world, based on the past achievements and future prospects of the Okayama region.” During the lecture portion of the seminar, President Makino, President Tanaka, Chairman Matsuda, and Professor Nogami each gave presentations on localizing the SDGs by utilizing digital transformation (DX), human resource development that fosters the ability to practically implement innovative business ideals, the importance of management skills, and examples of skills training that enables secure use of DX, respectively.

In the latter half of the seminar, Vice President Nasu served as the moderator for the panel discussion, which was made up of 5 panelists, including Dean Kawayama. The panel discussed topics and questions that had been sent in by viewers.

Okayama University will continue to collaborate with the Graduate School of Project Design in order to work on the management and quality improvement of local resources (Creation of a Regional Circular and Ecological Sphere) and to achieve the SDGs through “co-education and co-creation”.