Okayama University


3 teams from Okayama University Rowing Club Place 2nd at the Chūgoku Regional Student Boat Championships!

December 15, 2020

3 teams represented the Okayama University rowing club in the "64th Chūgoku Regional Student Boat Championships" at the Ashidagawa Rowing Course in Fukuyama city, Hiroshima on November 14 and 15, winning second place in their 3 respective races.

The three teams consisted of KIYONO Yudai (2nd year, Faculty of Science), who participated in the men’s single scull (boat name: Procyon), NAKAMURA Kosuke (2nd year, Faculty of Engineering), TAKEZAWA Ayumu (2nd year, Faculty of Engineering), NOZAKI Masahito (1st year, Faculty of Education), MANABE Atsuki (2nd year, Faculty of Science and Technology), and TANAKA Ryoga (2nd year, Faculty of Law), who participated in the men’s coxed four (boat name: Momotaro ’02), and SASAKI Yuki (4th year, Faculty of Education), OHIRO Saki (3rd year, Faculty of Agriculture), OKAZAKI Aya (2nd year, Faculty of Literature), YOSHIDA Kazune (1st year, Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology), and HORIE Risa (2nd year, Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology), who participated in the women’s coxed quadruple (boat name: Hibiki).

Other than Okayama University students, approximately 73 students representing Hiroshima University, Tottori University, Ehime University, and Shimane University participated in the championship.
It was the first time for these teams to participate competitively, and, looking back on the results, Mr. Kiyono commented, “I was able to fully exert my current strength. However, I plan to work even harder for the next competition.” Mr. Tanaka said, “It was the first time for us to take part in a competitive race, so we were a bit nervous, but we still tried our best. Though we did not reach the first place, I think that second place is a good position to build on for next time.” Ms. Horie commented, “It was difficult from the start, but we were able to cooperate as a team and narrow the distance between us and the winning team, which was great.”