Okayama University


Faculty Provide Struggling International Students With Food Assistance Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

November 05, 2020

Faculty from L-Café, a place for international education and cultural exchange, distributed donated food supplies to international students on November 2nd and 4th in order to support them amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a survey of privately funded international students at Okayama University conducted from July to August 2020, more than 80% of the respondents were reported to be facing financial difficulties and seeking financial support. There were students in the survey who replied that, "the COVID-19 situation in my home country is more serious than in Japan, and I am very worried about my family, but I am committed to achieving my goals at Okayama University.”

In response to the questionnaire, L-Café asked the faculty and staff on campus for donations and received over 300 meals of dried food, such as noodles and rice. The donated food was distributed to around 60 students at the Tsushima campus on November 2nd and to about 40 international students at the Shikata campus on the 4th. The international students who gathered for the event graciously thanked the faculty and staff for their donations. Students present commented, “I didn't expect to get this much so I'm very glad."

In the past, L-Café has been able to support international students with the cooperation of university faculty and staff, such as when they donated winter coats. L-Café will continue to cooperate with faculty and staff in order to support the education and livelihood of our international students.