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Okayama University and DAIKEN CORPORATION Team Up to Achieve SDGs

December 17, 2020

On December 15, 2020, Okayama University entered into an official agreement with DAIKEN CORPORATION, a building and housing equipment manufacturer and supplier, to pursue the goal of contributing to local and global society through joint research and mutual exchange between researchers and developers.

DAIKEN CORPORATION is one of Japan’s top manufacturers of residential building materials and is listed under the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Not only is the company involved in the manufacture and sale of building materials and equipment, but it is also recognized in the field of engineering for its construction and development projects. It is considered as a leading company in the industry because of its dedication to research and development, and the creation of environmentally friendly building materials.

DAIKEN CORPORATION’s Research and Development Center is located in Okayama Prefecture and this regional bond has allowed Okayama University to conduct joint research with DAIKEN CORPORATION on the evaluation of antiviral building technology in the past. Both Okayama University and DAIKEN CORPORATION are committed to achieving the SDGs, with Okayama University consistently contributing to the regional and global conception of SDGs achievement strategies, and DAIKEN CORPORATION recently asserting its determination to expand and accelerate activities to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs in its 2019 medium-term plan.

As a result of their shared vision, the two entities have decided to strengthen their partnership and enter into an official agreement that will stimulate human resource development in line with the SDGs by facilitating the creation of environmentally friendly building materials, the realization of architectural spaces that foster a healthy society, the promotion of intellectual exchange between Okayama University students and researchers and DAIKEN CORPORATION employees, and the support of education underlined by sustainable development values.

In light of the global pandemic, the signing ceremony took place online. Okayama University President MAKINO Hirofumi and DAIKEN CORPORATION Representative Director, President OKUDA Masanori acted as signees. President Makino commented, “I hope that the collaboration between DAIKEN CORPORATION, a leading building and equipment manufacturer, and Okayama University’s engineering, medical, health care researchers and students will contribute to the successful achievement of the SDGs and result in the creation of spaces in our town where residents will be able to live healthy and comfortable lives.” President Okuda stated, “We would like to deepen our collaboration with Okayama University, which is based in Okayama City, to accelerate research and development and create multifaceted synergies in foster human resources, leading to a wide range of social contributions.”