Okayama University



General Q & A

1. What kind of IB students does Okayama University want?IB students who have characteristics similar to the IB Learner Profile
2. Will there be any additional tests after passing the initial IB screening?No written tests. Only interviews in some faculties
3. Are there classes in English?Some General Educaiton classes, G-Course classes are in English
4. If I don't have Japanese A or B, will my JLPT score be counted?For faculites, no, it won't
5. Is the application guide available in English?Not yet, but coming soon
6. Can we apply with IB certificate to faculties?No
7. Is the Pre-admission learning available online?No
8. Are there special preferences for full diplomas in English (all 6 subjects)?No. All full Diploma's are considered equal
9. Can IB credits be transferred?No
10. Can the application procedure be 100% online?Application is completely online, but you need to post the print outs
11. Is it possible to set a fixed IB Diploma score for each faculty?Presently, it is under consideration
12. Do you accept both Maths HL and SL?It depends on the faculty
13. Are there special considerations for IB scores over 40 (such as scholarships, etc)?No
14. Are IB Core subjects important?It depends on the faculty
15. Are SAT scores necessary?No. Only IB Diploma scores
16. What IB score is considered good?It depends on the faculty
17. Is the JLPT test counted?For faculites, no,it isn'
18. Is Japanese B (SL) okay?No. Depending on the faculty, you need at least Japanese B(HL)
19. Are college entrance exams also important as the IB diploma?No. You do not need to take any college entrance exams
20. Are there special scholarships only for IB students?No
21. Are there special classes only for IB students?No
22. Are interviews conducted in English?It depends on the faculty, but most interviews are in Japanese
23. How many letters of recommendations are required?Please follow the instructions on the homepage
24. Are there special admissions based on race or nationality?No

Q & A for Faculty of Engineering

1. Will the passing rate be higher for an IB Diploma score 34 and above?Undecided
2. Will the interview for the faculty of engineering be conducted in English?No, in Japanese
3. Which is more important, academic knowledge about each subject or IB core subjects?Extended Essay & TOK to some extent
4. Will the passing rate vary depending on the interview?The Passing score will depend on both the documents & interview