Okayama University


Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science (Master's Course) (Doctor's Course)

Policy for acceptance of admitted students

The goal of the Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science is to ensure the harmonious and sustainable coexistence of humankind and nature, and realize a society where safety, peace, comfort and abundance are assured. In order to achieve this, we have developed a new interdisciplinary field that incorporates environmental sciences and agricultural sciences, and designed education and research curricula that provide an ideal balance between advanced specialization including medical and social sciences, and interdisciplinary comprehensiveness. To further these efforts, the Graduate School actively promotes the communication and exchange between different disciplines. This consequently develops graduates who can adaptively address environmental issues from different perspectives and resolve various problems concerning the environment and life sciences, with a wealth of general knowledge and highly specialized abilities.

The Graduate School is seeking students with the rich liberal education, sense of ethics and specializations required to contribute to the sustainable development of civilization, and the strong desire to acquire a superior academic specialization in the scientific knowledge necessary to further investigate the sustainable development of the global environment and the life phenomena. We accept both domestic and international applicants, in accordance with the results of various entrance examination methods.