Okayama University


Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Master's Course) (Doctor's Course)

Policy for acceptance of admitted students

Our Master Program provides interdisciplinary education covering a variety of academic fields. The goal is to train professionals and researchers to broaden knowledge in the fields of literature, law, and economics,
so that they will eventually have excellent specialized knowledge in the field of their interest. Our graduates will develop their own perspectives and skills, and understand diversity in the context of global culture, and respond flexibly to our ever-changing society.

Our Doctoral Program is based upon the idea of “the creation of a symbiotic society.” We aim at advancing our research through various and interdisciplinary approaches.
We welcome applications from domestic and oversea individuals, who have achieved the basic knowledge in their field of interests, and who intend to conduct active research with strong senses of direction and enthusiasms to tackle the hitherto unknown of unsolved problems.

Organizational Management Sciences and Regional Public Policy Management in our Master Program particularly focus on applications from individuals who strive to acquire more advanced management skills to benefit organizations, such as enterprises, and national and local government offices.