Okayama University


Graduate School of Medicine,Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences(Master’s Course)(Doctor’s Course)

Master’s Course

Policy for acceptance of admitted students

The Master’s Program for Medical and Dental Sciences, within the Graduate School of Medical and Dental Science, is seeking applicants who possess the intention and ability to develop the research fields of dentistry and medicine, regardless of their individual specialized fields, as well as the following:

  1. Students who aspire to perform innovative medical and dental research.
  2. Students who aspire to produce cutting-edge medical developments.
  3. Students who aspire perform interdisciplinary and international research.

Doctor’s Course

Policy for acceptance of admitted students

Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences is seeking the following:

  • Students who aspire to perform innovative, interdisciplinary, and international research concerning Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceuticals.
  • Students who aspire to work in cutting-edge and holistic medical care.
  • Students who aspire to research while simultaneously playing an active role as a member of society.