Okayama University


Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology (Master's Course) (Doctor's Course)(Doctor’s Course(Five-year Ph.D.program))

Policy for acceptance of admitted students

The Master’s program is looking for students who possess a firm basic academic ability regarding their major fields; students who, while acquiring cutting-edge academic knowledge, are also interested in and wish to acquire knowledge and skills in fields outside of their own specialized fields; students who possess innovative and adaptive ways of thinking, logical and rational thinking skills, a sense of ethics, co-operation skills, and wish to accept the challenge to solve new issues related to their specialized fields. The Master’s program selects and accepts candidates based on their specialized foundational knowledge, which is assessed through entrance examinations.

The Doctor’s program is looking for students who wish to harmoniously make use of specialized field-related leading-edge knowledge, techniques and foundational knowledge beyond the students’ specialized fields; students who, by means of a rich creativity, the ability to set up original solutions to issues, deep insight, and superior communicative abilities, wish to participate in the rapid development of science and technology, and exploration of unknown academic and technical fields. The Doctor’s program selects and accepts both domestic and international candidates based on an examination, which measures their problem-identification/solution abilities.

The Five-year Doctor’s program aims at fostering researchers with strong abilities in scientific research from the standpoint of materials science, in order to understand the origin, evolution and dynamics of the Earth and planets over a broad time span from the formation of the solar system to the present. The course recruits people from both Japan and overseas, who have strong interests in Earth and planetary materials science and are highly motivated and devoted to pursue a career to become a world-class researcher.