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Matching Program Course

Matching Program Course

Program Overview

The Matching Program course, without limitation to just one academic field, aims to foster the growth of students who can, by way of a broad perspective, identify and solve a variety of modern societal issues. In order to accomplish this, we design an environment that matches each individual’s desired goal and allows students to learn from interdisciplinary fields that go beyond the divided framework of the Sciences and Humanities. Students complete a wide variety of liberal arts courses and specialized courses across various academic fields. In this way, we are able to produce graduates with an interest in various issues regarding such areas as society, nature, the environment, and science, as well as the ability to take part in the possible solutions of those issues, from a wider point of view. Additionally, by way of an education system enriched by the implementation of the academic advisor system and small-class education, the program enhances the global communication abilities of its graduates.

Profiles of Exemplary Candidates

  1. Students who possess a rich imagination, creativity, distinguished extra-curricular experience, and the resulting diversified perspectives.
  2. Students who possess an inquiring mind and vigorous curiosity, as well as the desire to identify and independently propose solutions in regards to a variety of issues.
  3. Students with global communicative abilities, and the desire to take an active role in the wider world.

With the aim of further development, we also look for these basic academic abilities:

  • The fundamental Japanese (reading and writing) and English (reading) ability required to effectively communicate your opinions to others.
  • The fundamental mathematics and science knowledge necessary to further one’s scientific thinking.
  • The fundamental sociological knowledge of both history and geography indispensable to understanding other cultures.
  • The communication skills involved in cooperation and problem solving.