Okayama University


Okayama University Admission Policy

Okayama University seeks students equipped with the following abilities:

Bachelor’s Degree Courses

Profile of Prospective Students

Prospective students should have:
•the implementation ability to tackle issues using the knowledge built up by their predecessors
•the inquiry ability to connect the issues to tackle with their own ideas
•the communication ability to express the issues they tackle and their ideas in an easy-to-understand way
•a basic knowledge about nature, society, and language skills
•the ability to be creative and to maintain an interest in learning itself

Abilities Expected of Prospective Students

Implementation ability

The ability to use the knowledge acquired through learning to solve an issue

Inquiry ability

The ability to formulate their own ideas about issues

Communication ability

The ability to explain their own questions, interests, and ideas in an easily understood way

Specialized ability

Have basic knowledge of nature and society as well as language skills

Liberal arts ability

Have a strong interest in learning, and be inventive about how to learn

Screening policy: to ensure a diverse pool of applicants, several types of examinations will be conducted on different dates.

Screening method: applicants will be examined using one or a combination of tests based on academic ability, an interview, a review of submitted documents, and a paper interview in order to assess their academic ability or aptitude for study at Okayama University