Okayama University


Okayama University Admission Policy

The Admission Policy at Okayama University outlines what types of students the University seeks and states the University's basic ideas on the screening of candidates. At Okayama University, based on the admission policies of the university as a whole, each academic program will determine its own specific admission policy.

Program Overview

Okayama University is a national university that prioritizes high quality of education and innovative research in collaboration with other institutions and the community. The University’s fundamental role is to create an advanced intellectual experience for students whilst acknowledging the accumulated culture and knowledge of previous decades.

Based on the purpose of the University, “Establishing a new paradigm for the sustainable evolution of human society,” integrated courses in the general education curriculum alongside specialized major courses are intended to develop the five outcomes described in the diploma policy (education combined with a sense of humanity; purpose-driven expertise; information literacy; ability to take action in contemporary society; and the lifelong of self-development). This will result in developing graduates who can contribute to the achievement of society’s sustainable development.

Profiles of Candidates

Okayama University uses a variety of ways to assess potential students, both from within Japan and from abroad. We wish to attract students who strongly value working at a local and global level to develop a sustainable society.