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School of Agriculture

School of Agriculture

Program Overview 

Program Overview
The Department of Agricultural Sciences within the Faculty of Agriculture offers four undergraduate courses: Agrochemical Bioscience, Applied Plant Science, Applied Animal Science, and Environmental Ecology.

A wide range of educational programs in the department allow students to select specialized undergraduate courses and laboratories according to their ability and aptitude.

In the first year, students take fundamental specialized courses alongside general liberal arts courses, with the intention of aiding the comprehension of basic concepts within the agricultural sciences. In the second year, students are separated into each of the four undergraduate courses and through the common specialized courses will begin to explore their own aptitudes. Sequentially, students then begin to prepare for their graduate research project by taking the specialized courses specified by laboratory in which they choose to belong. Finally, in the fourth year, students experience applied research through the completion of their graduate research projects.

By way of this curriculum, students can acquire a broad fundamental knowledge regarding agricultural sciences, and additionally, build up the knowledge of their individual specialized fields. This would result in the nurturing of graduates who are able to demonstrate the ability to broadly apply their acquired knowledge in response to the demands of a diversifying society.

Profiles of Exemplary Candidates

  1. Students who have a proactive attitude toward learning, developed through participation and interest in the education they received at high school.
  2. Students with a strong desire to learn widely and acquire specialization in the agricultural sciences.
  3. Students with a desire to take an active role in a wide variety of fields, beginning with the agricultural sciences, out in society in the future. Additionally, students with a desire to take an active role as a technician, or a researcher.
  4. Students who possess the broad fundamental academic ability and comprehension equivalent to a high school graduate.

We ask that applicants complete multiples courses from within both Mathematics and Science at the high school level before enrollment:
Math: Math I, II, III, A, and B;
Sciences: Basic Biology, Biology, Basic Chemistry, Chemistry, Basic Physics, Physics, Basic Earth Science, and Earth Science.