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Development of Secure Cryptoprocessor that Has Various Security Level

February 19, 2016

Dr. Yasuyuki Nogami and his colleagues’ research group of Okayama University has developed a noble secure cryptoprocessor that a security level can be changed freely.

In this era of crowd computing, the information security technology is essential, and its functional requirement has become more complicated and sophisticated year after year. Adding on to that, it is needed to implement the ability to handle complex cryptographic calculation because IoT (Internet of Things) is expanding rapidly.

Dr. Nogami’s group has recently developed cryptographic calculation chip that can correspond to the requirements of a wide range of safety strength in between 256 bits to 5120 bits. This is the world’s first Secure Cryptoprocessor which can change the scale of the security levels freely without changing the hardware.

The development will allow the complex cryptographic calculations to be processed at high speed and also will respond flexibly depending on the importance of the information and terminal performance. It is expected to be mounted to a variety of ubiquitous terminals and IoT devices because the circuit scale is extremely compact.

The article of the development will be published in April 2016 in IEICE Transactions.
The article title is “FPGA Implementation of Various Elliptic Curve Pairings over Odd Characteristic Field with Non Super Singular Curves.”

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