Information on the Health Check-up for autumn admission students

All students of Okayama University are supposed to receive a health check-up once a year in the spring. Those who missed the above check-up, including those who entered Okayama University later than April, must receive this coming health check-up which will be held as below.
Please note you
need a reservation to avoid crowded places.

Please wear the non-woven mask on the day.
If your body temparture is over 37.5℃, you can not take a check-up. You are not feeling very well on the day, please call us
in advance.(TEL:086-251-7217)

November 15th, 2021
9:00~10:00 Male
10:00~12:00 Female

ABOUT MAKING A RESERVATION *Starting date:2:00pm on November 1st, 2021
 You can make a reservation with the reservation system and should come to our center in the time of your reservation.

  You can make or change the reservation until 35 minutes before each reservation frame on the day of the health check-up.
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 Please print and fill out this questionnaire of medical check in advance.
  Click here日本語 , English , Chinese

Please bring these things on the day;
 ◎Student ID card

 ◎Height & weight
 ◎Vision check (for people who need certificate)
 ◎Chest radiography
 ◎Physical examination

 ◎Urine test(Please submit it by November 30th)

 Health Service Center, Okayama University(Tsushima Campus)


 ◎Please wear or bring plain clothes (e.g. a T-shirt) for chest radiography.
 ◎Please avoid tights without your ancles out.
 ◎Please leave your valuables, earrings, necklaces, so you don't lose it.
 ◎Please bring hairbands if you have long hair.

 You can browse the results of your health check-up in the "Academic Affairs System" in the Okayama University Official website from December 17th. Please check it for your health management. If you can’t check the results, please contact us.
See the following table, if any of results apply to you, need for re- or detailed examination.Please contact us as soon as possible.
Items  Results
 BMI  More than 30
 Urine  Except for (-)and (±)
 X-ray  「要精査」and「要治療」
If you have any questions on the results of your health check-up, please don't hesitate to contact us.
 You can check your results on "健康診断情報" in "学籍情報".

 The Health Service Center will issue a health certificate free of charge only to students who have received the health check-up. It would therefore be quite beneficial for you to receive it.

You can get the certificate by issuing machine from December 17th 2021 until March 31th 2022.
However, if your results have abnormal, you can't get it by the machine. Please come to our center.