Exchange Program


The system to accepting exchange students based upon exchange agreements with foreign universities

 Okayama University has concluded exchange agreements with partner universities (for a list of the universities, click on the link below) to accept students of the partner universities for a short-term up to one year to attend classes or engage in research at Okayama University. If the exchange agreement with the partner university includes mutual waiving of tuition fees, Okayama University will waive the tuition fees of the respective exchange students. The status of the exchange student at Okayama University is categorized as either:  
  Special Auditors: exchange students who take classes for credit
  Special Research Students: exchange students who engage in research under a supervisor’s guidance.

  (Reference) List of Partner University(University LevelFaculty Level

Dates and Program Duration

1.Special Auditors:
   Students may enter April, October or during intensive sessions.
2.Special Research Students:
   Entry can be decided as needed
3. Duration
   within one year


A Candidate must be enrolled as a student with the partner university with which Okayama University has a mutual exchange agreement at the time of the application and throughout the exchange period.


Exchange students can choose classes from the ones offered by the faculty they belong to but they are required to obtain the lecturer’s permission to take the course before registration. Most courses are taught in Japanese. Exchange student without the required level of Japanese language proficiency may not be allowed to register. In addition, there are some classes have limited enrollment, such as experiments or laboratory work, and are open only to regular students.
Japanese language courses are offered by the Language Education Center and open to all international students at Okayama University. Furthermore, the Center for Global Partnerships and Education offers a course to introduce Japanese culture and experiences called “Study of Japan” for undergraduate exchange students.

How to apply

Applications should be made through the partner university with which Okayama University has a mutual exchange agreement.

 → For information concerning the English undergraduate exchange program “Exchange Program Okayama” (EPOK) please refer here.