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 ・Our project was introduced on the local newspaper; The Sanyo Shinbun. (2009)
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 ・Our activites was introduced on the journal published by The Chugoku Electlic Power
   Co.,Inc. (2010)


 <Papers> (Joint authorship only)

  ・Zhao DW, Yang JB, Yang SX, Kato K, Luo JP : Genetic diversity and domestication origin of tea plant Camellia
   taliensis (Theaceae) as revealed by microsatellite markers, BMC Plant Biology 14, 14, (2014)

  ・Tang AJ, Kimura I, Nakajima S, Kato K, Yoshino H, Long CL and Baba N : Cellular phospholipid degradation
    during viability loss of recalcitrant seeds of Quercus glauca (Fagaceae), Current Topics in Biochemical Research
   15(2), 75-84 (2013)

  ・Lu YX, Godo T, Fujiwara K, Guan KY and Mii M : Effects of nitrogen source and wavelength of LED-lighting on
   organogenesis from leaf and shoot tip cultures in Lysionotus pauciflorus Maxim, Propagation of Ornamental
   Plants 13, 174-180 (2013)

  ・Shiuchi T, Godo T, Lu YX, Wang ZL, Li JX, Shen YG, Guan KY, Nakata M : Cytological studies of six iridaceous
   taxa collected in Yunnan Province, China, Bulltein of the Botanic Gardens of Toyama 18, 15-23 (2013)

  ・Kanemoto T, Shiuchi T, Li JX, Guan KY : 中国雲南省普洱市および西双版納州における2011年度シュウカイド
   ウ属調査の記録, Bulltein of the Botanic Gardens of Toyama 18, 39-46 (2013)

  ・Tanaka K, Akashi Y, Fukunaga K, Yamamoto T, Aierken Y, Nishida H, Long CL, Yoshino H, Sato Y-I, Kato K :
   Diversification and genetic differentiation of cultivated melon inferred from sequence polymorphism in the
   chloroplast genome, Breeding Science 63, 183-196 (2013)

  ・Wang YP, Bounphanousay C, Kanyavong K, Nakamura I, Sato Y-I, Sato T, Zhang HS, Tang LH, Ishikawa R :
   Population structural analysis of an in-situ conservationsite for wild rice in Laos, Genes Genet. Syst. 87, 311–322

  ・Nishida H, Yoshida T, Kawakami K, Fujita M, Long B, Akashi Y, Laurie D. A. , Kato K : Structural variation in the 5'
   upstream region of photoperiod-insensitive alleles Ppd-A1a and Ppd-B1a identified in hexaploid wheat (Triticum
L.), and their effect on heading time, Molecular Breeding 31, 27-37 (2013)

  ・Tang A and Baba N : Application of ESI-MS combined with 1H NMR in analyzing seed phospolipids of six species
   of Michelia, Guihaia 32, 129-133 (2012)

  ・GuoY, Li YL, Huang Y, Jarvis D, Sato K, Kato K, Tsuyuzaki H, Chen LJ, Long CL : Genetic diversity analysis of
   hulless barley from Shangri-la region revealed by SSR and AFLP markers, Genet Resour Crop Evol 59, 1543-1552

  ・Nakata M, Ueno T, Li JX, Li HZ, Wang ZL, Lu YX, Shen YG and Guan KY : Chromosome number and pollen
   fertility of Begonia grandis (Begoniaceae) from Japan and China, Bulletin of the Botanic Gardens of Toyama 17,
   23-29 (2012)

  ・Guo Y, Li YL, Huang Y, Jarvis D, Sato K, Kato K, Chen LJ, Long CL : The Genetic Relationship Analysis of Naked
   Barley Germplasm Resources from Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province Revealed by SSR
   Markers, Genomics and Applied Biology 30, 1173-1180 (2011) in Chinese with English summary

  ・Li YL, Long CL, Kato K, Yang CY and Sato K : Indigenous knowledge and traditional conservation of hulless barley
   (Hordeum vulgare) germplasm resources in the Tibetan communities of Shangri-la, Yunnan, SW China., Genet
   Resour Crop Evol 58, 645-655 (2011)

  ・Aierken Y, Akashi Y, Nhi PTP, Halidan Y, Tanaka K, Long B, Nishida H, Long CL, Wu MZ and Kato K : Molecular
   analysis of the genetic diversity of Chinese Hami melon and its relationship to the melon germplasm from Central
   and South Asia., J. Japan. Soc. Hort. Sci 80(1), 52-65 (2011)

  ・Takagi H, Sugawara S, Saito T, Tasaki H, Lu YX, Guan KY, Han DS, Godo T, Nakano M : Plant regeneration
   via direct and indirect adventitious shoot formation and chromosome-doubled somaclonal variation in Titanotrichum
(Hemsl.) Solereder, Plant Biotechnology Report 5, 187-195 (2011)

  ・Kanemoto T, Lu YX, Nakata M, Godo T, Hu XJ and Guan KY : Field observations of Begonia in Yunnan Province
   and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, in 2010, Bulletin of the Botanic Gardens of Toyama 16, 33-42

  ・Hasegawa M, Kanemoto T, Wang ZL and Guan KY : Growth states of saplings of Camellia reticulata and light
   conditions in an evergreen secondary forest in central Yunnan Province, China, Bulletin of the Botanic Gardens of
   Toyama 16, 9-13 (2011)

  ・Shiuchi T, Yamashita T, Wang ZL, Guan KY : 中国雲南省永平県宝台山に野生するトウツバキの花形の多様性,
   Bulletin of the Botanic Gardens of Toyama 16, 1-8, (2011)

  ・Nhi PTP, Akashi Y, Hang TTM, Tanaka K, Aierken Y, Yamamoto T, Nishida H, Long CL and Kato K : Genetic
   diversity in Vietnamese melon landraces revealed by the analysis of morphological traits and nuclear and cytoplasmic
   molecular markers., Breed. Sci. 60, 255-266 (2010)

  ・Shiuchi T, Kanemoto T, Yamashita T, Godo T, Nakata M, Uchimura E, Wang ZL, Lu YX, Feng BJ, Li JX・Wang S
   and Guan KY : Cooperative studies on conservation of Camellia reticulata in Yunnan Province, China, Bulletin of
   Japan Association of Botanical Gardens 44, 189-196 (2010)

  ・Kato K, Yoshino H, Long CL, Akashi Y, Tanaka K, Aierkin Y, Nhi PTP, Ishihara D and Yamamot T : Cucurbitaceae
   crop, Genetic assay and study of crop germplasm in and around China (4th), 69-85 (2010)

  ・Takeda K, Yoshino H, Enomoto T, Kato K, Sato K, Tsujimoto H, Long CL, Tsuyuzaki H, Tanaka H and Nishida H :
   Wheat and Barley, Genetic assay and study of crop germplasm in and around China (4th), 35-68 (2010)

  ・Kanemoto T, Shiuchi T, Wang ZL, Li JX, Feng BJ and Guan KY : 中国雲南省楚雄州黒尾牛山におけるトウ
   ツバキ自生地周辺の植生概観, Bulletin of the Botanic Gardens of Toyama 15, 63-69 (2010)

  ・Shiuchi T, Kanemoto T, Li JX, Wang ZL, Wang S, Feng BJ and Guan KY : 中国雲南省のトウツバキ古樹資料,
   Bulletin of the Botanic Gardens of Toyama 15, 45-61 (2010)

  ・Godo T, Nakano M, Shen YG, Wang ZL and Guan KY : Effect of picloram, an ayxin-like plant growth regulators,
   on callus induction from mature seeds of Iris species native to Yunnan, China., Bulletin of the Botanic Gardens of
   Toyama 15, 17-21 (2010)

  ・Nakata M, Takahashi K and Li HZ : Chromosome numbers of 39 cultivars of the Japanese garden iris (Iris ensata)
   cultivated in Ranjo-no-mori Aquatic Botanic Garden, Toyama Prefecture, Japan., Bulletin of the Botanic Gardens of
   Toyama 15, 39-43 (2010)

  ・Nakano M, Takagi H, Sugawara S, Saito T, Watanabe Y, Lu YX, Guan KY and Godo T : Adventitious shoot
   regeneration and micropropagation of Chirita flavimaculata W. T. Wang, C. eburnea Hance, and C. speciosa Kurz.
   Propagation of Ornamental Plants 9, 216-222 (2009)

  ・Ghimire SK, Akashi Y, Sharma KP, Tsujimoto H, Tsuyuzaki H, Long CL and Kato K : Geographical variation of
   agronomic characters of wheat germplasm origin to Nepal and Bhutan., J. Inst. Agric. Anim. Sci. 30, 125-132

  ・Yi SS, Akashi Y, Tanaka K, Cho TT, Khaing MT, Yoshino H, Nishida H, Yamamoto T, Win K and Kato K :
   Molecular analysis of genetic diversity in melon landraces (Cucumis melo L.) from Myanmar and their relationship
   with melon germplasm from East and South Asia., Genet Resour Crop Evol 56, 1149-1161 (2009)



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