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  "Environmental science" is an academic discipline which requires comprehensive, composite, and interdisciplinary approaches. In order to accelerate its studies in this distinctive field, in April 2005 Okayama University gathered together various environmental studies in the fields of natural and social science, humanities, and medicine, which had previously been conducted separately at its other graduate schools of Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural Science and Technology, and Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences, to establish a Graduate School of Environmental Science.
  Our contemporary society is beset with a great number of environmental issues such as global warming, but those which may be successfully resolved through the efforts of a single country alone are few indeed. To solve these problems, international cooperation among many countries is essential. Often referred to as "the age of Asia," the 21st century has seen the rapid development of many Asian economies, including China and India, while at the same time environmental loading originating in this region is increasing. To preserve the global environment for future generations, it has become urgent that Asian countries leave behind the 20th-century social model of "mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal" and move on to establish a sustainable sound material-cycle society. The goal of the Graduate School of Environmental Science is to be a "education and research center of environmental science in Asia" through close collaboration and cooperation with other Asian countries.

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