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XIE, Dekun
XIE, Dekun

Name: XIE, Dekun (谢 德堃)

Home Country: People's Republic of China
Period of Attendance: From 04/01/2016 to 04/01/2020

“In the future, how do you think you will make the best of your study-abroad experience at Okayama University?”

Through my learning at Okayama University, I want to develop diversified ways of thinking and become able to work more flexibly in research on societal problems. Also, in the specialized courses, I put forward great efforts so that I can become a talented person endowed with legal literacy. Furthermore, I want to respond to globalization by developing communication abilities through substantial language education. At Okayama University, I hope to enhance various abilities, and in the future, I would like to become a competent individual and be active as a bridge in the Sino–Japanese friendship.

Kim, eun young
Kim, eun young

Name: KIM, eun young (金 殷英)

Home Country: The Republic of Korea
Period of Attendance: Since 04/07/2014 to 04/01/2018 

“What is the most fun thing about your life in Okayama?”

The most fun part of my life as an international student in Okayama is sightseeing in the natural environment. Although famous sightseeing spots are good, it’s also fun to go around and see intimate places where you can feel an atmosphere unique to Japan, where the city and nature coexist. Although the main objective of my time abroad is to study and gain cultural experience, isn’t it also important to refresh oneself to live a fuller life? On that point, I think Okayama is an ideal environment for international students.



Home Country: Federal Republic of Germany
Period of Attendance: From 10/01/2015 to 09/26/2016

“What did you learn at Okayama University, and what is helpful in your life now?”

I came to Okayama University to improve my Japanese, deepen my understanding of Japan’s lifestyle and culture, and learn about Japan’s international relations and foreign policies. Therefore, I enrolled in various courses. For example, I took “Peace and War in Modern Japan,” “Introduction to International Relations,” “Cool Japan – Japanese Pop Culture,” “Global Studies,” “Japanese Universities English Model United Nations,” and, of course, Japanese lessons. My Japanese gradually improved, and I also learned the latest interesting and important knowledge about international relations from the Japanese perspective. Further, I became friends with interesting people. Such knowledge and experience are important with regards to my specialization, and my point of view have widely expanded.