Okayama University


Online Discussion Held Between Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences and 4 O-NECUS Partner Universities

April 01, 2021

On March 30, Okayama University hosted an online Zoom meeting between the Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences and 4 O-NECUS partner universities.

Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences doctoral program (Master's course) accepts short-term international students from partner schools in north-eastern China each year as part of the O-NECUS Program. Many excellent students who take part in this exchange go on to compete the doctoral program. However, as a result of the global pandemic, there have been numerous restrictions on international exchange. After receiving a proposal from Dalian Medical University International Office regarding student exchange through the O-NECUS Program and its future direction, a meeting was planned with relevant officials representing the O-NECUS Program from China and Japan.

At the meeting, officials participated in a lively discussion of how the pandemic has affected Chinese universities, and addressed a variety of issues including student exchange, student perspectives, student needs, etc. Okayama University representative Professor OOHASHI Toshitaka spoke about the graduate school O-NECUS promotional video, introduced the O-NECUS Program website and elaborated on advanced research themes and international seminars to be implemented as part of the program. The officials from each participating university agreed to attend regular web conferences to discuss the progress and status of the O-NECUS Program.

O-NECUS(Okayama University-Northeast China Universities Platform, Graduate Student Exchange Program):
A joint program conducted by Okayama University and seven universities in north-eastern China. The consortium was formally established and implemented as a joint program after recognizing the need to provide internationally accepted graduate degrees and ensure quality of education while forming a baseline standard for international education.
For more information on the O-NECUS Program, see here (Japanese only)

○Officials from Participating Universities
・China Medical University: LIU Jia, Chief of Eurasia Africa Office, International Affairs Department
・Harbin Medical University: Professor YANG Dan, Director of International Office; Professor FANG Ming, Deputy Director of Research Student Institute; Ms. ZHANG Shuang and Mr. CUI Jingzhen, Program Officers of International Office.
・Dalian Medical University:Ms. YUE Shasha, Program Officer of International Office
・Jilin University:Mr. LIU Dong, Hospital Management Office; Ms. LIU Suyi, Program Officer of International Office
・Okayama University: Professor NAGATSUKA Hiroshi, Dean of Dentistry; Professor OHARA Naoya, Chairman of the Doctoral Program; Professor OOHASHI Toshitaka, Chairman of Master’s Program; Professor OKAMURA Hirohiko, Professor TAKARADA Takeshi,
Ms. YUN Hongling, Assistant Manager and Ms. WATANABE Kumiko, Officer of Graduate School Office, Academic Affairs Division