Okayama University


Held a temporary press conference, and reported our university’s efforts to assist recovery from the heavy rain event of July 2018

September 05, 2018

On September 3, our university held a temporary press conference on the Tsushima Campus to report on our university’s efforts toward assisting with recovery from the heavy rain event of July 2018. At the press conference, the Okayama University Investigation Team for the heavy rain event of July 2018, which aims to investigate the damage conditions mainly in the prefecture, and to establish countermeasures in the future, explained the investigation results, and introduced volunteer activities conducted to support the affected areas.
President Hirofumi Makino and seven faculty members of our university’s graduate schools who participated in the Investigation Team appeared on the stage. After President Makino gave his speech, saying “please accept my promise that Okayama University will continue to work to enhance mutual cooperation with local communities to overcome this disaster” under the theme “Let’s work together hand in hand, Okayama!” our university’s Emergency Operation Center and the Okayama University Volunteer Center (OVC) described their past activities. The Investigation Team reported on the situations and causes of the burst levees, landslide disaster, and refuse generation in affected areas due to the heavy rain disaster as well as countermeasures for the future.
Okayama University will continue to make university-wide efforts toward long-term support for affected areas in cooperation with the local community.

○ Please click here to access our university’s special webpage regarding the heavy rain disaster of July 2018.