Okayama University


Lecture titled “Introduction to Okayama University SDGs” offered for new students to provide them with a hint for starting their own effort towards SDGs

April 19, 2019

Okayama University has been vigorously addressing, in cooperation with various stakeholders in the local region, the issue of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDGs were embraced as one of its core management objectives under the flag of Makino Vision raised by its president MAKINO Hirofumi when he assumed office. As part of such efforts, a lecture titled “Introduction to Okayama University SDGs” was offered on the Tsushima Campus on April 11, as part of the all university guidance course “Introduction to Okayama University” designed for new students in 2019 academic year. The lecture featured an outline of SDGs and details of practical activities promoted in collaboration with various stakeholders both inside and outside the university.

The lecture was given to 2,340 students of all faculties and schools who entered the university in April by an enthusiastic team led by Professor KANO Mitsunobu, Vice Executive Director in charge of promoting Okayama University’s efforts to help achieve SDGs.

The lecture was provided to help the students “understand SDGs,” “know the SDG-related initiatives conducted in the past by Okayama University” and “get a hint for starting their own effort towards SDGs.” The teaching staff first provided information, such as the challenges that we face the population and social and financial issues of Japan. Then, they discussed the current rapid change in the global society and the paradigm shift brought about by efforts to help achieve SDGs. Other discussed themes included the following: inheriting the “social problem-solving genes” long cultivated in the Okayama region, integrating SDGs into such genes, and the challenge of developing persons capable of solving various issues locally and globally in the present and future, considering them as one’s own issues. The teaching team members enthusiastically emphasized that many opportunities were provided at Okayama University for every student to gain various expertise regarding the issues discussed in the lecture and put such expertise into practice. After the lecture, the students discussed topics, such as the contents of the lecture and their future dreams. All of them were filled with expectations to study and grow at the university.