Okayama University


Vice Executive Director Satoh Gives a Lecture at Japan's Biggest SDGs Virtual Event

November 17, 2020

Okayama University is making university-wide efforts on SDGs, which were adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015, and is vigorously implementing SDGs activities involving stakeholders including local communities. In addition, the Organization for Research Strategy and Development and the Open Innovation Organization conduct basic research that leads to social issues and promote the creation of innovations that create new value for the next generation. On October 31, Okayama University Vice Executive Director and University Research Administrator (URA) stationed at the University's Tokyo Office, SATOH Norito gave a lecture at Japan’s biggest SDGs virtual event, the 3rd SDGs Online Festival.

Management Director INABA Ryota, a member of the festival’s executive committee, opened the event by introducing Vice Executive Director Satoh and the topic of the lecture, titled “Building new values through the universal language of the SDGs”. During his lecture, Vice Executive Director Satoh elaborated that we should not view the SDGs as a transient ‘movement’, but rather as a practical means to affect livelihoods and the economy. He explained how both established and new businesses could benefit from investing in the vision of the SDGs and outlined some measures that businesses can implement to promote STI (science, technology, and innovation) for SDGs. More than 500 people enthusiastically listened to the informative lecture, after which they were given the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session. Management Director Inaba concluded the event, saying, “It was a very helpful and encouraging lecture about how entrepreneurs can promote the SDGs.”

As an internationally acclaimed SDGs promotion research university, Okayama University is actively committed to promoting the SDGs. Our aim is to establish a new paradigm for global sustainable development through education and active social contribution. As a result of the unprecedented global situation caused by the coronavirus, it is more important than ever to pursue the vision of a sustainable society. Through the “National University Project to Strengthen Innovation Environments,” Okayama University plans to find novel ways to capitalize on the university’s inherent value while accelerating the development of an innovation ecosystem that continuously stimulates innovation. We will continue to collaborate with various stakeholders to solve social issues and foster new, sustainable values that connect local and global communities.