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Okayama University e-Bulletin Vol.12

September 24, 2015

Source: Okayama University, Japan, Public Relations and Information Strategy Division

SUBLECT LINE: Okayama University e-Bulletin: Plants feel stress!
For immediate release: 24 September 2015

Okayama University, Japan publishes the September 2015 issue of its online newsletter, Okayama University e-Bulletin: //www.okayama-u.ac.jp/user/kouhou/ebulletin/

(Okayama, Japan, 24 September 2015) This issue includes a feature on new insights into ‘plant stress’ and how plants absorb nutrients and toxins; news of an agreement by Okayama University and IAEA on radioactive waste management and environmental remediation, the world’s first hybrid lung transplant, developing iron-controlled biology, and networking to combat infectious diseases; research highlights on high-efficiency energy transfer in photosynthetic organisms, key genes in epidermal cell differentiation for survival of plants, critical points of water in carbon nanotubes, damage-free structure of photosystem II, and synthesis of compounds for water-oxidation; an innovative method to fabricate metallic nano-surfaces for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy; and a ‘vista’ of Okayama’s Bizen Yaki pottery.

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